Strategy vs. Anti-Strategy

Strategy is people who think they’re smart enough to predict the future (or arrogant enough to think they can control it).

Anti-strategy doesn’t try to predict the future, but rather it creates a system that allows for individual capitalism, creativity and risk.

Strategy tries to manage and minimize risk.

Anti-strategy lets the individual spirit free. It encourages individual risk.

Strategy tries to fit the future into a box. This box consists of all of the investment that has gotten a company to where they are today. The safety of this box is all important.

Anti-strategy leverages good assets and ignores old, out of date assets. If something isn’t contributing to progress, it falls away.

Strategy tries to negotiate with a committee.

Anti-strategy allows people to follow their own inspirations.

Strategy is centralized control. It’s slow and cumbersome. It’s safe.

Anti-strategy is loose control that allows quick adaptation. It’s controlled chaos.

Strategy is old thinking.

Anti-strategy is the future.