The New Vitality

The world is an amazingly vibrant place, and it’s getting more so. Of course, it’s been helped by the amazing potential of the web. Earlier this decade most development on the web was focused on simply making the things that we have always done easier. In the past few years though, there has been a major shift in people doing things in a completely new way with no regard for how they used to be done. Now web development leverages the full potentiality of the web.

But it’s more than just a full realization of the technology. There is a new generation of entrepreneurs who have completely embraced capitalism! It’s not just a few people either. The web is crawling with capitalistic entrepreneurs and they are creating a tremendously rich, creative environment.

If you want to get an insight into this culture, here are a few places to check out…

37 Signals: 37 Signals is one of the torchbearers of this new generation. Look at the products, then look at the people and the philosophy. Read the books (REWORK and GETTING REAL). Read the blog.

Seth Godin & Triiibes: Seth is the defacto leader of the new vitality. His books are fantastic. He’s created a new social networking group called “triiibes” that brings together these vibrant people.

Quirky: Quirky is a community of inventers who share ideas and work together to improve these ideas and bring them to market. Awesome!

Crowdsouring: There are a number of crowdsoucing sites on the web. Crowdsourcing is when you have a project, such as a logo that you want designed. You post a project with a “reward”. Then many people create exciting logos for you, you choose one and pay the winner. The logo designers take the risk and you get participation from creatives from all over the world.

Blog Action Day!

This is my inaugural blog on this site! I’m proud to present a new video I helped create called “watercology”. We are launching this video on the other blog that I run called, surprise, “watercology”. We are unveiling it on October 15th, because it’s Blog Action Day and this year the focus is on water.

It’s quite difficult to create a powerful video that both conveys an accurate message and keeps people’s attention. More than just keeping your attention though, I hope that this video will inspire you to pass it on to your friends and relatives. Help me make this video go viral!

Most of my life has revolved around educating people about water. It’s exciting in one sense, because people are so unaware of the truth about water that when they learn about it I can see the ah-ha moment. In another sense, it’s been frustrating because people don’t even know enough about water to question what they are putting into their bodies. This has been the challenge and the opportunity.

I will continue to write on the subject of water because it’s a passion of mine, but these posts will primarily be on my other blog, located at Please go here to discuss this video.

Also, please bookmark this page. My blog is called Trees vs. Forest, and it’s about harmonizing your actions with your higher purpose (personally and corporately) in order to find a higher degree of success.