My Request to Satya Nadella (New CEO of Microsoft)

Satya Nadella has just been appointed as the new CEO of Microsoft. I hope he understands that he has the opportunity to instantly make Microsoft relevant again, if he does the right things within the first 60 days. Here are my suggestions…

FIRST, acknowledge that Windows 8 is the wrong operating system and that it was horribly executed.

SECOND, immediately make an announcement that Windows 9 will go back to the desktop approach with the standard navigation system, including the Start Button (that actually functions like a Start Button). I’m not saying that Microsoft should get rid of the Metro interface though.

THIRD, acknowledge that it was executed horribly. Instead of forcing people to use the new interface, it could have been an option that people could switch to whenever they wanted. Instead of being a negative, it would have been a bonus. People could have participated in helping Microsoft make it better. The evolution and adoption could have been a fun process. Microsoft could have learned what was good and made it better. Learned what needed fixing and fixed it. After a while, the new interface could have won people’s hearts and the change could be done at that time.

FOURTH, if you are going to keep the Metro interface (or whatever it’s called now), it should be simply an interface, not a dual-boot operating system which is how it currently works. The desktop doesn’t interact with Metro, each are separate. Copy and paste from one to another? Nope, because more often than not the right click button doesn’t work. I would love it if it actually was simply a separate interface, meaning a different way of navigating the same programs. Put a different face on the programs and files, but the backend works the same, and then give us the option of which interface we want to use.

FIFTH, fix the app store. Currently, the app store only lets you purchase things for the Metro side of the dual boot, which are low-end apps. I am a business user, I use the desktop and would love to download useful and powerful apps for the desktop, but no. The Apple App Store, on the other hand, allows you to purchase good, powerful apps on its store and there is no back and forth between different operating systems.

I for one am watching Microsoft very closely, and have be waiting for the next CEO to make an announcement regarding the direction of Windows. Although I have been a Windows user for my entire life, if Microsoft continues on the Windows 8 path (at least the way it has been done so far), I will be moving to Apple and Microsoft will lose me forever. I don’t want this to happen.


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