Introducing my newest invention…the Survival Still!

Survival Still dot ComI am very proud to announce my newest invention, the Survival Still. The Survival Still is the ultimate emergency water purification system. The Survival Still is a non-electric water distiller which purifies water by boiling it, and separating the pure steam, and then condensing the pure steam back into pure distilled water. The Survival Still can take any water, even ocean water and turn it into high-purity, sterile water. One advantage of the Survival Still is that it produces consistently high-purity water for the life of the system, which could be decades.

The Survival Still will make a family water-independent during an emergency forever.

It is my belief that every home in the country should have a Survival Still stored away in case of an emergency. It is inexpensive, very compact (only 1 foot x 1 foot x 4 inches) and it’s lightweight. Please check out my emergency water distiller by going to


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