I’m Keeping It Simple…

ImageA friend and I are doing an experiment on the topic, “How Simple Can We Go?

Our goal is to see how simple a business can be. In my mind, simple is good. Simple + providing value is even better. Simple + providing value + making a profit…well that’s as perfect as it can get.

Simple is not easy though. In fact, it’s quite difficult. We had idea after idea, we narrowed it down to a few. We shelved some for later and chose one to work on first. Then we simplified this one idea to the point that we couldn’t see how it could be any simpler. This idea is something that I have no emotional attachment to at all, yet it’s cool and we put our all into it.

The great thing is that the entire business plan can be encapsulated in one paragraph. The business has no inventory and we don’t sell anything, not even virtual goods. In fact, we are giving away what we have for free.

We took my neighbor’s hobby, added my design chops to it, and, well see for yourself. Visit our new site at www.vegetablegardencontainer.com. Yes, we will teach you how to make your own self-watering garden container!

Let me know what you think.


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