The “Getting Real” Project

One of the best business books in recent years is REWORK by the founders of 37Signals. REWORK is a groundbreaking book in which Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson rewrite the rules for creating a vibrant, profitable business. Not only do they question the rules about how a business should be run, but they provide a very clear roadmap. The book is powerful and concise and it’s a fantastic perspective on business regardless of what industry you are in.

Buy REWORK and absorb it, now. It really is fantastic.

After you read REWORK, buy another book called Getting Real from the same authors. This was the original book that was the foundation for REWORK. For as good as REWORK is, Getting Real is better. To create REWORK, the authors took the basic concepts from Getting Real and tried to make them generic for all types of businesses.

REWORK is a powerful book, but it’s not as powerful as Getting Real. Nor could it possibly be. A generic business book simply cannot be as powerful as a book written for a very specific industry by true industry experts.

So why do I recommend both books?

I recommend both books because it’s the difference between the two that will truly benefit you. The approach of both books is awesome, but it’s when powerful ideas are applied to a specific business that they become revolutionary.

You won’t fully appreciate this next statement until you read both books, but if you want to radically improve your business then write your own Getting Real-type of book. Make it yours. Make it specific to your business. No one can write a better Getting Real-type book about your business than you!

I’m not saying that you should just copy the book* and change the company name, nor am I saying that all of the topics in the book will be relevant to your business. The purpose is not to create the next bestseller, nor is it even to sell it at all. The purpose is to create a radical guidebook for your company that cuts through the crap and creates a vibrant culture that is effective and nimble.

Call it the “Getting Real Project”. This is how I recommend you approach this…

  • The overall goal is to create a vibrant, nimble and effective business by eliminating anything that interferes with vitality.
  • Pick topics that not only matter, but they actually fundamentally change how business is done.
  • No fluff! Each chapter is extremely short and concise. If a single word is unneeded, then leave it out.
  • It’s not about theory. It’s about what works.
  • It’s not a rulebook. It’s a guide to vitality. Some people won’t get it. Focus on the ones that do.
* In no way am I advocating any type of copyright infringement. I’m talking about making a book with the same purpose and style as Getting Real that would be for consumption within your company only. Perhaps at some point the founders of Getting Real will want to publish a series of Getting Real books from different industries.
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